Updated Herbalife Review: Is This Weight Loss Shake Safe?

The weight loss industry is booming and numerous weight loss products are being constantly released in the market. A lot of people are desiring to live healthy lives and many companies have taken advantage of this. One of the companies that have rapidly grown in popularity is Herbalife which manufactures some of the best meal replacement shakes. Although herbal shake is said to be plant-based, there are growing concerns about its safety. To understand the ingredients and functions of this product below is an unbiased herbalife shake review.  

Herbalife Shake Ingredients  

The safety of herbalife shakes heavily relies on its ingredients and their functions in the body. The active ingredients found in this meal replacement shake include: 

  • Soy Protein Isolate

Soy is a protein-rich supplement that is known to have numerous health benefits. It is commonly used with some of the best meal replacement shakes thanks to its ability to enhance the growth of lean muscles, to reduce risks of cancers and the onset of menopause. However, soy protein isolate has also been listed among the top GMO foods which have negative health effects.

  • Fiber Blend

The popular formula 1 herbalife shake contains 3g of fiber which helps to suppress the appetite and reduce food cravings. 

  • Digestion Enzymes

They help to enhance protein digestion and regularity. 

  • Sugar and Sweeteners

This meal replacement contains natural sweeteners which are used to enhance the flavor of this shake. 

  • Calcium

It has vital importance in multiple cellular processes. Calcium is mainly used to enhance the strength of bones and teeth. 

  • Vitamin A

It helps to enhance the appearance of the skin, bones, tissues, and teeth. Vitamin A is commonly known as retinol and it gives the eye its pigment and improves vision in low light conditions. 

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found mostly in fruits and it is an essential nutrient which helps to protect the body by enhancing immunity. It also prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces wrinkles, prenatal diseases among others. Vitamin C helps to protect the body cells by keeping them healthy through the production of collagen which is important for blood vessels, bones and skin. 

  • Vitamin E

The best meal replacement shakes contain antioxidants which help to repair worn out muscles and enhance the growth of body cells. Vitamin E is mainly used with herbalife shake because of its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants help to enhance the immunity of the body by killing free radicals that pose health risks. It is used to treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes and it also protects the skin against aging. 

  • Magnesium

It helps to maintain normal blood pressure, control heart rate and to enhance the strength of bones. A lot of people take meals with inadequate amounts of magnesium and herbalife caters to this by providing sufficient amounts of magnesium. 

  • Niacin

Niacin, commonly known as Vitamin B3 provides the body with essential health benefits such as balancing the cholesterol levels in the body and reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

How Herbalife Shake Works 

Herbalife shake is one of the best meal replacement shakes which can be used to effectively shed weight. The low-calorie shake is used as a meal replacement once or twice a day. Herbalife reviews indicate that this shake works by creating a feeling of satiety and fullness. Because it is a supplement which contains low amounts of calories than a normal real meal, it creates a calorie deficit in the body which leads to weight loss. 

The Side Effects of Using Herbalife shake 

Herbalife reviews indicate that there is a strong and direct relationship between this shake and significant weight loss. So does it have any side effects? Herbalife shake has been specifically formulated for individuals who want to lose weight. Apart from soy protein isolate protein which is said to be genetically modified, then this product is one of the best meal replacement shakes that you can use for weight loss. It has numerous health benefits which are not only good for physical appearances but also emotional well-being. This herbal shake helps to boost the confidence levels of the user and improving their overall mood. 

However, Herbalife reviews show that large amounts of this shake can cause potential side effects such as dehydration, frequent urination, gas, fatigue, and others hence it is therefore important for the user to ensure that they consume only adequate amounts of this shake. 

Final Thoughts

Herbalife is a great meal replacement shake. It provides users with healthy nutrition, weight control and the much-needed energy for workouts. Anyone can enjoy using this meal replacement plan because it has been formulated with natural and safe ingredients which effectively promote weight loss. It is an incredible and convenient shake that is easy and simple to make and it can be consumed on the go. If you are going to use Herbalife shake, there is no need to diet since the portions have enough nutrients which are required by the body.