The Legal Issues Concerning of CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil has been linked to health benefits such as treating mental disorders, reducing pain, and helping with inflammation. However, just because it has positive effects does not mean you can use it wherever you like. Some places do not allow it while others have already legalized CBD oil. 

CBD vape oil has come a long way in terms of legalization due to its relation to cannabis. Yes, some countries have allowed citizens to use it but many others still have reservations about it. They include the vape oil on the list of illegal products.  

Well, why are states having controversial stands about CBD vape oil legality? CBD stands for cannabidiol. Its legality depends on three factors its source and country.  


CBD oil can be obtained from either the marijuana plant or the industrial hemp version. Many nations consider marijuana illegal. It is because one of its species contains high levels of THC, a compound that causes users to feel ‘high’. Therefore, instead of looking into the other strains with very low THC, such states decide to criminalize marijuana altogether.  

If you live in a country where marijuana is illegal, then even CBD oil vape extracted from it is illegal. Some states in the US permit use of marijuana and its extracts for medical purposes. Therefore, make sure you have a doctor’s prescription before purchase.  

As for industrial hemp, it is the alternative source of CBD vape oil. This is because it does not contain THC. You do not have to worry about getting high. That is why it is considered a safe and legal product. Every US state recognizes hemp-cultivated CBD as legal. You can buy it from the local store and online.

Country of Use  

You already know that some states in the US allow people to use marijuana and its products. Some countries have legalized marijuana. It would be prudent to enjoy its extracts including CBD vape oil in such places.  

If you are not sure whether CBD is legal in a country, contact its customs department. Ask about whether it allows cannabis use. If it does not, get a no objection certificate from your doctor. It should state that you are using CBD for health purposes.  

FDA-approved hemp products usually have 0.3 % THC, which is entirely acceptable.  

Will the Legality of Cannabidiol Change in Future? 

There are mixed reactions about the future of CBD. THC-free CBD vape oil has no harsh effects on the human body. Therefore, there would be no reason to ban it in the future considering the studies conducted in its favor. 

However, with the controversy surrounding CBD, it is almost impossible to predict its legal status in future. It could get better or worsen. Some countries continue to embrace it while others with strict laws against CBD may adjust or hold their stand. The easiest way to be on the safe side of the law is to be up to date with the legal status of CBD in the country you are in.   

The legality of CBD vape oil depends on is source and whether a given country allows it or not. With the two factors in mind, you are in a position to prevent committing a crime.