Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

A solid keyboard and mouse are great for improving your PC gaming setup, but stepping up to said peripherals can get expensive, especially when you add a mechanical keyboard to the mix. Cooler Master has always been one to set the game straight with affordable mechanical keyboard and mouse combos, but now it has something for even lower budgets with its MasterSet MS120.

For $89 (£67, AU$99), Cooler Master’s combo includes a mem-chanical keyboard and an ergonomic gaming mouse. That’s a solid deal, especially when some mem-chanical keyboards, like the $79 (£99, AU$169) Razer Ornata and $89 (£89, about AU$115) Roccat Horde Aimo cost the same amount of money on their own.

Value aside, the MasterSet MS120 simply comes with such a spectacular gaming keyboard that we would go for this combo just to have it on its own.


The MasterSet MS120 comes with a compact and sharp-looking keyboard and an ergonomic, right-handed mouse that’s sure to please palm grip users.

Firstly, in a word, we would describe the MasterSet MS120 keyboard as being ‘tight’. The keyboard features a frameless design that’s on par, if not smaller, than other compact peripherals, like the Logitech G513 and HyperX Alloy FPS. Cooler Master also incorporates an aesthetic all its own, with angular lines to give it a more interesting shape than just a plain rectangle.

Surprisingly on a combo this affordable, you also get full RGB illumination with per-key customization – which is all done through keyboard shortcuts with no software in sight. What’s more, the hovering keycaps and white baseplate beneath the buttons both help this keyboard truly shine.

Of course, for those not crazy about patterned RGB lighting, you can set the keyboard up with simple static lighting or switch it all off completely. Aside from some light-up letters to denote gaming mode as well as the Num, Scroll and Caps Lock keys, this is a very straightforward and modern peripheral.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 review

The MasterSet MS120 mouse is a right-handed, ergonomic pointer that looks like the spitting image of the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520. Aside from the side grip being a smooth piece of plastic – as opposed to a honeycomb design – it’s practically the same mouse down to the same cheap, hollow feeling

As we’ve said in our previous review, we appreciate the mouse’s extended frame that adds support for our ring finger and a comfortable gripping point for our pinky, but it simply feels too hollow for its own good.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 review


The MasterSet MS120 keyboard might not feature real mechanical key switches, but Cooler Master’s Tactile Hybrid mem-chanical switches come damn close to emulating the experience. Every keystroke creates the same satisfying click we associate with Cherry MX switches, meanwhile springs beneath each key offer the perfect amount of resistance and an almost instantaneous reset we love on a premium keyboard.

It also helps that the Tactile Hybrid mem-chanical switches offer a deep 3.6mm of travel distance paired with an ultra-short 1.2mm actuation point. The only negative thing we have to say about the MasterSet MS120 keyboard is that it’s a little too loud, with a sharp squeak likely caused by the the plastics of the key switches rubbing against each other.

Unfortunately, the MasterSet MS120 mouse is a little less to write home about. It offers completely serviceable accuracy and responsiveness. However, the Avago 3050 Optical Sensor inside is only able to reach up to 3,050 DPI. This is a mouse you’ll eventually grow out of even if its Omron micro switches are rated for 10 million clicks.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 review

Final verdict

Just $89 (£67, AU$99) for a gaming keyboard and mouse combo is an amazing deal, especially when the keyboard is as good as other mem-chanical peripherals, like the Razer Ornata Roccat Horde Aimo. The included MasterSet MS120 Mouse isn’t the best, but whether you take it or leave it, the mouse does a decent job and adds to the package’s overall value.

If you’re looking to level up your gaming setup, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 is a great way to start with a combo that’s among the most affordable of options.

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Trendnet TV-IP318PI

There’s no shortage of almost identical IP cameras out there, all offering day and night surveillance with easy access via a mobile device, but there aren’t so many models capable of making 4K quality recordings. By capturing four times as much information as a 1080p device, the Trendnet TV-IP318PI has a real edge, revealing detail that could potentially be very useful.

At £200 (around $285 or AU$365) it is rather expensive for a network camera, and recording in 2160p takes up more space on a hard drive, all of which raises the question: do I really need to view my security footage in ultra-high definition?


The bullet camera casing of Trendnet’s TV-IP318PI is made of steel and is weatherproof to IP67 regulations. The ball-and-socket hinge and wall-mounting plate are also metal and the whole thing feels strong enough to survive outdoors. It’s quite compact and could just as easily be located inside, although its pale grey livery is unlikely to match the office decor.

You can only just about make out when it is switched on and active, from the faint red light beside the lens, because the infrared LEDs are masked. After-dark intruders will not be able to see the ring of IR LEDs around the lens, even though they are strong enough to reveal objects 30 meters away.

At the rear is a single lead that splits into an Ethernet cable supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet) and a power input in case you’re not set up for PoE and need to add a power adapter, which is not included.

Look underneath and you’ll find the bolted compartment guarding the microSD card slot, which allows you to record up to 128GB of footage locally.


Trendnet’s high-spec camera uses a fairly large 8MP sensor to record 2160p video at 20 frames per second onto a NAS drive, an FTP site, or a microSD card. The H.265 format that it uses is quite compressed, but if you think 4K is overkill for around-the-clock recording, then you can of course reduce the resolution and fit more on your NAS drive.

It’s worth noting that you can’t stream live UHD quality footage to your phone – the resolution is automatically downscaled to 720p.

Behind the black glass there are motion sensors too, which means you can program the camera to record only when it is triggered by movement, and have an email alert sent to your phone. You can also specify which days, and at what times of day, you want the camera to be active.


We had real trouble getting the Trendnet TV-IP318PI up and running and we wouldn’t describe it as user-friendly. PoE certainly makes the installation process easy, with only one cable to connect (there is no Ethernet cable in the box by the way), but we found that none of our routers were PoE compatible and therefore, a PoE injector was needed.

This makes the installation considerably messier, not to mention more expensive – the injector (pictured above) costs around £22 (around $31, AU$40) – so check your own router first.

The companion app for iOS and Android, called Trendnet IPView, is fairly new, but it’s not very helpful in connecting your device with a Wi-Fi network. There’s no QR code to scan, for instance. Instead you have to find out the camera’s IP address yourself in order to register your username and password on a computer before you can access the camera via the mobile app.

It’s the kind of thing an IT worker takes for granted, but anyone familiar with the latest smart cameras by Nest or Netatmo will be surprised and frustrated by Trendnet’s convoluted setup procedure.


So, the Trendnet TV-IP318PI is not the easiest security camera to install, or use for that matter, and once set up, we found that the connection with the companion app often faltered. When this happens the picture on your phone is replaced momentarily by a ‘disconnected’ message, but more annoyingly, it stops recording to your device.

In other respects, it worked smoothly, once we worked out how to set all of the preferences. The app doesn’t give you access to the settings for image quality and scheduling, so you have to use a browser and it’s not the most intuitive interface.

When it comes to picture quality, the Trendnet TV-IP318PI has a distinct advantage. Its 8MP sensor is able to capture video at 2160p (4K) resolution, which means four times as many pixels as a 1080p camera. This is a big advantage if you need to be able to discern detail such as car number plates, or identify faces.

For example, we were able to zoom in on the recording of a cat that visited the garden we were surveying to see whether or not it was wearing a collar. Most security cameras are unable to resolve that kind of detail.

But is that level of resolution really necessary? Streaming video at 4K is problematic and the highest quality this camera can live stream is 720p. Most people agree that to see the advantages of 2160p over 1080p, you need a fairly large 4K screen. With a modest-sized desktop monitor, you might not see much of a difference. And as mentioned, even with H.265 compression, 4K video takes up a lot more space on your hard drive than Full HD.

Final verdict

The TV-IP318PI feels well-made and is supported by an established brand. The PoE connectivity makes for a neat installation and there are undoubtedly situations where the extra resolution is a real advantage. If you view your security footage on a 4K monitor, then this is the camera you have been waiting for.

However, the user interface and companion app leave a lot to be desired, and the problems associated with streaming and storing 4K video could outweigh the benefits of the better image. 

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Honest Vital Reds Review: Does The Supplement Work?

Life today has become so fast that it’s quite difficult keeping balance of everything around, particularly concerning managing digestive, and metabolism, and weight management concerns. It’s not an easy thing to do. Mostly we tend to go for things which could provide optimal help in minimal time. But people often ignore their health to save their time, leading them to gain weight and other health issues.
What is Vital Reds?

Vital Reds is described as a wellness supplement that’s created by Gundry MD. This supplement comes in powder form. The product is marketed to help in giving you an energy boost, have enhanced digestion, and make your skin become healthier. This formula is said to be sugar free, lectin free, soy-free, and artificial sweetener free.
What makes Vital Reds Achieve Much?

The secret is in its ingredients. Together with polyphenol blend, the following is a breakdown of the supplement ingredients:

Metabolic mixture: Ginger root, cinnamon bark, white tea and green tea leaf extracts, black pepper fruit, bitter lemon leaf extracts plus black pepper fruit.

Digestive blend: Lactobacillus acidophilus, bacillus coagulans, L.reuteri2 and bifidobacterium lactis.

The question is now how to put these together…

It’s simple. Just pour into water or any other kind of beverage some small scoop of Vital Reds you like once in a day.

Perhaps you are concerned about adding some new supplement to your expanding regimen. Note that you are covered by a money-back guarantee of 90 days from Gundry MD. Therefore when you are dissatisfied with the results within this period, you sure to get your full refund.

The good thing is that Vital Reds supplements are only single part of the full range of Gundry MD supplement supply line.

Prebiothrive combines a total of five advanced prebiotic ingredients that help creating in your stomach prebiotic-friendly environment.

Primal Plants is an amazing 25-ingredient formula combining green superfoods that are rich in polyphenols together with metabolic and digestive support, similar to Vital Reds.

Glucose Defence that combines ingredients such as turmeric extract and cinnamon bark to support your body’s natural ability to manage your blood sugar levels.

Lectic Shield helps in reducing effects of lectins and plant-based proteins which may affect your digestion plus overall health.

Therefore, these and several more products may combine with Vital Reds so as to offer you full-on approach to your well being.
But Why Polyphenols?

A number of the ingredients are quite popular and you must have heard about them before. But others like polyphenols may be relatively unheard of. These are a combination of micronutrients which we receive via some plant-based foods. The most common example is the berry family. Polyphenols are linked to several benefits that include:

  •  Weight management
  • Digestive support
  • Heart support
  • Brain support

But when you select supplements to make you receive polyphenols, it is significant you select some safe product. This is the main reason why Vital Reds is important because it has this safety quality.

The Age Limit

People of any age may use the product. Vital Reds is going to assist them achieve their targets through boosting stamina, making the skin glow and healthier and improving metabolism. The use of the supplement is quite simple and it doesn’t need any prolonged process. All its ingredients are natural therefore; it is quite easy to trust the product.
Who’s Gundry MD, the brains behind Vital Reds?

Steven Gundry is a famous name concerning health management. He is a cardiovascular surgeon who has spent several years of his life helping people concerning their health problems. He is the founder of the Center for Restorative Medicine. He also has several other achievements to his credit in the medicine world.

Dr. Steven Gundry has a solid belief that a combination of natural ingredients together with positive diet changes may help those who want to lose their weight quickly without causing any adverse side effect to the body.


All in all, with the assistance of amazing products such as Vital Reds, a product that may be found on Gundry MD website, everyone now can enjoy the benefits of what the natural products can do to their weight loss efforts and skin management plus their overall health. With its natural ingredients that has no adverse side effects on the body, this product is highly recommended to people of all ages.